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Internal Band Agreement 101

If you are an artist in a group of more than one person, then you should have a written agreement between the members of the group addressing the issues in the checklist below.

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Writing Tracks First

The late, great John Braheny, often called 'the songwriter's best friend', helps you understand how to collaborate.

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Questions About ‘Writing Tracks First’

After I read John Braheny's great article on writing to tracks, I had a lot of questions which I asked him. Here are my questions and his answers.

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Writing A “Musicians Wanted” Ad

People are always asking me how to word an ad for a music magazine or online ad in order to find musicians. Here's some help.

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A Chat With Musical Director, Freddie Ravel

What is a musical director and what does he/she do?

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Studio Singers

Being a studio singer is a wondrous thing but it seems to be as hard a field to get into as being an artist with a label deal. So decide which you want to do and begin your preparation.

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Vocal Health

Keeping your voice healthy through thick and thin is an ongoing task. At a music conference last weekend I was asked 'what are the two most important things for singers to do to take care of themselves' and the answer was easy: sleep and water.

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