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Ask Lis

Originally published in Voice Council Magazine.

Here are 5 pointers to make sure you are working well with the right people – says Lis Lewis.

L.A vocal coach Lis Lewis plays a massive role in the lives of major recording artists such as Courtney Love, Miguel and Gwen Stefani.

In this wide ranging interview, she explains what keeps a band together, and what keeps a singer sane.

1. Gain Respect

Ideally you will have a strong hand on the dynamics of the band. But this is easier said than done for a young singer, particularly for a female.

One thing you can do to gain respect from your band mates is to learn the language of music. Often the singer can’t tell the players [...]

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Originally published in Voice Council Magazine.

There are huge misconceptions about TV talent shows – says Lis Lewis.

We interviewed Lis Lewis who is a true coach-to-the-stars in L.A, with clients such as Britney Spears and Rihanna.

She has seen many of her students go through the talent show machine, so we ask her to spill…

The Fame Fades Quickly

Singers entering shows like The Voice, X Factor and American Idol believe they will gain tonnes of fans and become famous regardless of whether they win or not.


I have seen people come off the show after being top 5 and then go back to high school. They go back to being their regular self. No longer are they surrounded by constant activity [...]

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Originally published in Voice Council Magazine

Recording artists are under so much pressure to present themselves as unique – says Lis Lewis.

Lis Lewis spends much of her time in rehearsal and recording studios, helping get the best performances out of major recording artists such as Rihanna, Miguel and Iggy Azalea.

In this wide ranging interview, she explains the pressures that artists are under when trying to find their niche.

If singers want to sell records they must create an artist out of themselves. They need to carve out their own path and create something that is new. Artists are pressured to continuously mould their identity under the watchful eyes of the public.

1. Be Prepared for Psychological Pressure

An artist is often both [...]

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Last night at our gig the bass player was really sloppy in his rhythm playing. I don’t think he practices enough. Is it time to look for a new one?

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You're writing songs and getting your band together in rehearsals. Wouldn't it be great to get your business team together now: to have a manager step in to make contacts for you and an agent to get you some work? Unfortunately neither of these two professionals is going to be interested in working with you yet; you are going to have to do their jobs yourself.

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Talented people with no concept of how to promote themselves, how to maximize their special artistic vision, how the music industry really works, etc., can lose their way and fall by the wayside. They are misled by people writing about the industry from outside the industry;

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If you are an artist in a group of more than one person, then you should have a written agreement between the members of the group addressing the issues in the checklist below.

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Writing musician Want ads

People are always asking me how to word an ad for a music magazine or online ad in order to find musicians. Here's some help.

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What is a musical director and what does he/she do?

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Being a studio singer is a wondrous thing but it seems to be as hard a field to get into as being an artist with a label deal. So decide which you want to do and begin your preparation.

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