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Q&A: Married To The Band

Last night at our gig the bass player was really sloppy in his rhythm playing. I don’t think he practices enough. Is it time to look for a new one?

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Your Business Team: Who They Are And When To Get Them

You're writing songs and getting your band together in rehearsals. Wouldn't it be great to get your business team together now: to have a manager step in to make contacts for you and an agent to get you some work? Unfortunately neither of these two professionals is going to be interested in working with you yet; you are going to have to do their jobs yourself.

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Your Ego, My Music: Conflict Management in the Music Industry

Talented people with no concept of how to promote themselves, how to maximize their special artistic vision, how the music industry really works, etc., can lose their way and fall by the wayside. They are misled by people writing about the industry from outside the industry;

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Internal Band Agreement 101

If you are an artist in a group of more than one person, then you should have a written agreement between the members of the group addressing the issues in the checklist below.

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Writing A “Musicians Wanted” Ad

People are always asking me how to word an ad for a music magazine or online ad in order to find musicians. Here's some help.

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A Chat With Musical Director, Freddie Ravel

What is a musical director and what does he/she do?

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Studio Singers

Being a studio singer is a wondrous thing but it seems to be as hard a field to get into as being an artist with a label deal. So decide which you want to do and begin your preparation.

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