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Music Connection Magazine Features Miguel

By Lis Lewis

I’m excited and so thankful to Music Connection and Dan Kimpel for including me in this interview with Miguel. I’ve had many great experiences working with Miguel and I want to thank him for such high praise. I’ve been called a lot of things, but it’s not often I get the title of ‘The Shit’.

Read the interview below to find out how Miguel warms up his voice and how he prepares to perform on Saturday Night Live, Madison Square Garden, the BET Awards, The Grammy’s and just about everywhere else.

Read the full interview with Miguel from Music Connection Magazine here: Miguel: Soul Ascending

Lis Lewis is a voice [...]

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A Little Music Theory For Songwriters: Understanding the Circle of Fifths

by Freelance Writer Sally Writes

If you have spent even a little time exploring the murky waters of music theory as a vocalist, you will have come across the Circle of Fifths. Yet while it is a hugely useful concept once you have got to grips with it, it is not always the simplest thing to get your head around from first principles.

So sit back, while we explain exactly what it is all about and how understanding the Circle of Fifths opens up the whole relationship between the major and minor keys in music that will help across a variety of musical techniques. From the perspective of the vocalist, it is the perfect way to get to grips with keys and melodies [...]

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Q&A: Collaboration

My 15 year old daughter is a talented singer/songwriter but I feel her songs need to be stronger. She's tried writing with a kid from school but she felt he wasn’t as knowledgeable as she is and that he was stubborn about using his own ideas. How can we find someone to write with her.

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Q&A: Singer’s Block

I’m stuck. I sound the same every time I sing my songs; my shows are the same. I'm losing the feeling. How do I break out of my funk?

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Q&A: Fear Of Scales

I hate doing scales. Why can’t I just sing songs?

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Q&A: Building Bridges

My registers don't connect very well. There’s a big break when I pop over from one to the other. What can I do to smooth out the connection between the two.

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Q&A: The Right Key

How do I choose the right key for my voice?

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Q&A: Pitch Perfect

I want to work on my pitch but it’s hard to do by myself since I’m not sure when I’m in tune.

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Q&A: Running With the Melody

What’s the best way to learn to do vocal runs like Mariah Carey does?

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How Did They Do That?

Everyone wants to sing higher, louder and longer. Here are my thoughts on how some of the great artists do it.

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