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Respect Your Audience! You Don’t Deserve Your Audience—You Earn It

As the front-person of a band, you are the first and primary connection the audience makes with the music. A big part of your job is to engage them, make sure they understand you, and respond to their feedback. Think of the music you’re making as a big house that you’re inviting the listeners into. The front-person is the doorway to the house. You’re going to turn strangers into fans and draw them into your universe.

Here’s an unfortunate, and not so uncommon, scenario. You walk into the club 15 minutes late for your show. When you finally start your set you’re not really feeling it, but you plow on. Three songs in, your voice is beginning to warm up. You open your eyes for [...]

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Music Connection Magazine Features Miguel

By Lis Lewis

I’m excited and so thankful to Music Connection and Dan Kimpel for including me in this interview with Miguel. I’ve had many great experiences working with Miguel and I want to thank him for such high praise. I’ve been called a lot of things, but it’s not often I get the title of ‘The Shit’.

Read the interview below to find out how Miguel warms up his voice and how he prepares to perform on Saturday Night Live, Madison Square Garden, the BET Awards, The Grammy’s and just about everywhere else.

Read the full interview with Miguel from Music Connection Magazine here: Miguel: Soul Ascending

Lis Lewis is a voice teacher [...]

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A Little Music Theory For Songwriters: Understanding the Circle of Fifths

by Freelance Writer Sally Writes

If you have spent even a little time exploring the murky waters of music theory as a vocalist, you will have come across the Circle of Fifths. Yet while it is a hugely useful concept once you have got to grips with it, it is not always the simplest thing to get your head around from first principles.

So sit back, while we explain exactly what it is all about and how understanding the Circle of Fifths opens up the whole relationship between the major and minor keys in music that will help across a variety of musical techniques. From the perspective of the vocalist, it is the perfect way to get to grips with keys and melodies [...]

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Voice Council interview with Lis

New Vocal Coach in Residence

Lis Lewis went to Brittany Spears’ house to give her voice lessons, went to the Grammy’s to warm up Rihanna, and worked with Miguel for his Saturday Night Live performance.

We invited this true coach-to-the-stars to be our first Vocal Coach in Residence of 2017.

Read the full article on Voice Council Magazine >

Lis Lewis is a voice teacher and performance coach in Los Angeles, CA. She has been training recording artists for over 30 years. Learn more about her private voice lessons. She has also coached celebrities including: Miguel, Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, Bryson Tiller, Demi Lovato, and more. Lis is also the author of the books, “The Singers [...]

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Lip-syncing: An Unnecessary Evil

There has been a lot of press about the fact that artists lip-synched at the BET Awards show. The fans are disappointed and other artists are disapproving. So am I.

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The Singers Workshop Named ‘Best Voice Lessons in Los Angeles’

I'm so grateful to CBS Los Angeles for naming The Singers Workshop 'Best Voice Lessons' in Los Angeles. It's been my pleasure to provide voice lessons and vocal training to incredibly talented artists for over 30 years.

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Why I Say ‘Yes’

I don't like to say 'no'. I just cleared my entire calendar for the whole week in order to get on a flight that just landed (12:00 AM EST). I'm here in New York City to work with Miguel for his performance this weekend on SNL. I didn't actually know I was going until just three days ago.

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My Five Favorite Grammy Moments 2013

I watched this year's Grammy Awards twice through, if you can believe it - all three and a half hours of it. Here are my favorite moments.

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Five Touring Tips

Beyoncé just announced she's doing a world tour. Miguel just returned from one. Some singers tour the country in a van and some fly from city to city; however you travel, touring is essential to a successful music career. But how do you keep your voice in shape during a tour?

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The Charisma Factor

Whether you are trying to get signed to a record label or are creating a career for yourself independently, you need great songs and a great voice but there is another more elusive element, sometimes called charisma.

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