My Five Favorite Grammy Moments 2013

Miguel and me at 2013 Grammy Awards

Miguel and me at 2013 Grammy Awards

I watched last weekend’s Grammy Awards twice through, if you can believe it – all three and a half hours of it. Here are my favorite performances.

1. Miguel, of course, (not just because he’s my client). His vocal was smooth and silky and he was completely comfortable and assured.

2. Justin Timberlake – sepia suave with Jaye Z as a guest on the verse in front of a hot big band

3. Alicia Keyes playing drums, throwing her head back and wailing. I wouldn’t call it a duet; I didn’t even look at Adam Levine.

4. Black Keys, Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Dr. John in full Margi Gras regalia

5. Bruno Mars and Sting. Sting should have gotten a writing credit on Locked Out of Heaven, it sounds so much like Message in A Bottle.

And if I can just add one more
6. Jack White and the all female band and then the all male band

And a non musical event that was so much fun
JLo read the memo: CBS had sent a letter to all participants demanding no breasts, no buttocks, nothing transparent. And she still looked provocative.