Lessons / Workshops

BornToSing.com – source for singing products and services.

Easy Piano Lessons, Music Teacher DVD – Offers piano lessons including DVD based piano and keyboard instructions, and books for basic piano lessons.

Eric Zimmerman – Teaches guitar for songwriters.

GuitarPlayerWorld.com – Learn Guitar | How to Play

Homespuntapes.com – A variety of musical instrument instruction courses on videos, audio cassettes and CDs such as a CD set by Penny Nichols and videos by Maria Muldaur and Odetta.

Interactive Online Lessons at WorkshopLive – WorkShopLive provides unlimited access to an extensive group
of music teachers and lessons.

Janet Robin – guitar teacher and singer/songwriter/guitarist

Jazz Vocal Techniques – Anne Farnsworth, an instructor in the Jazz Studies Dept at USC in Los Angeles has written a book on jazz vocal method called Jazz Vocal Techniques.

Libby Lavella – Voice teacher using the Lis Lewis Method.

Learn To Sing Like a Star – an easy to follow instructional CD ; learn how to breathe properly, identify your range, learn about vocal placement and style; experience a variety of vocal exercises.

Marta Woodhull – Teaches voice privately and does vocal producing in the recording studio.

Music Trainer – This program is an ear training and music reading course. It includes intervals, rhythm, chords, scales -everything. And it’s free.

Michele Weir – Singer/teacher with an improv book.

Natalie Weiss‘ great YouTube series Breaking Down The Riffs . Look up episode 1. (I can’t add a link, for some reason) But my favorite is when she breaks down a Tory Kelly riff that’s 40 notes long!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtzUleEtPqQ&frags=pl%2Cwn

National Association of Teachers of Singing – NATS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging the highest standards of singing through excellence in teaching and the promotion of vocal education and research.

NY Vocal Coaching provides YouTube voice lessons from vocal coach Justin Stoney. You’ll have to look it up on by name on YouTube. I can’t add the link) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=NY+Vocal+Coaching

Renee Grant Williams – Nashville celebrity vocal coach

Roger Burnley – Teaches privately all styles and levels and is also a Seth Riggs Associate.

The Secrets To Singing On Pitch – Instant ebook reveals innovative secrets of singing on pitch.

SingingFreedom.com – Online Singing Lessons with Singing Freedom

SingerUniverse – Voice teacher directory by state.

Atlanta Vocal Coach Jan Smith – a short list of her clients includes Usher, Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty, Collective Soul, India Arie, Stacy Orrico and Los Lonely Boys.

University of Pittsburgh Voice Center – Site has a great “Guidlines for Singers: Do’s & Dont’s”.

Videosing.com – A “How To” instructional video for all singers whether professional or amateur. With companion cassette or CD containing vocal exercises.

Voice & Swallowing Institute – great resource for singers and speakers with helpful warm up exercises and vocal health information.

VoiceLesson.com – Vocal coach, Mark Baxter’s excellent and informative site.

Your Voice Coach – Presentation, public speaking, voice coaching and vocal training taught by Doug Anderson.

Learn Guitar – Guitar Tricks is 45 guitar instructors with over 2500 online guitar lessons in one massive site.