Lessons / Workshops

BornToSing.com – source for singing products and services.

Easy Piano Lessons, Music Teacher DVD – Offers piano lessons including DVD based piano and keyboard instructions, and books for basic piano lessons.

Eric Zimmerman – Teaches guitar for songwriters.

GuitarPlayerWorld.com – Learn Guitar | How to Play

Homespuntapes.com – A variety of musical instrument instruction courses on videos, audio cassettes and CDs such as a CD set by Penny Nichols and videos by Maria Muldaur and Odetta.

Interactive Online Lessons at WorkshopLive – WorkShopLive provides unlimited access to an extensive group
of music teachers and lessons.

Janet Robin – guitar teacher and singer/songwriter/guitarist

Jazz Vocal Techniques – Anne Farnsworth, an instructor in the Jazz Studies Dept at USC in Los Angeles has written a book on jazz vocal method called Jazz Vocal Techniques.

Jeannie Deva Voice Studios – Located in Boston.

Libby Lavella – Voice teacher using the Lis Lewis Method.

Learn To Sing Like a Star – an easy to follow instructional CD ; learn how to breathe properly, identify your range, learn about vocal placement and style; experience a variety of vocal exercises.

Marta Woodhull – Teaches voice privately and does vocal producing in the recording studio.

Music Trainer – This program is an ear training and music reading course. It includes intervals, rhythm, chords, scales -everything. And it’s free.

Michele Weir – Singer/teacher with an improv book.

Mike Campbell – Jazz artist who also teaches vocal and has performance workshops.

National Association of Teachers of Singing – NATS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging the highest standards of singing through excellence in teaching and the promotion of vocal education and research.

Renee Grant Williams – Nashville celebrity vocal coach

Roger Burnley – Teaches privately all styles and levels and is also a Seth Riggs Associate.

The Secrets To Singing On Pitch – Instant ebook reveals innovative secrets of singing on pitch.

SingingFreedom.com – Online Singing Lessons with Singing Freedom

SingerUniverse – Voice teacher directory by state.

Atlanta Vocal Coach Jan Smith – a short list of her clients includes Usher, Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty, Collective Soul, India Arie, Stacy Orrico and Los Lonely Boys.

Teaching Piano Lessons & U.K. Singing Lessons – Tammy Widjaja’s Site on free Piano Lesson after being taught by her grandmother.

University of Pittsburgh Voice Center – Site has a great “Guidlines for Singers: Do’s & Dont’s”.

Videosing.com – A “How To” instructional video for all singers whether professional or amateur. With companion cassette or CD containing vocal exercises.

Voice & Swallowing Institute – great resource for singers and speakers with helpful warm up exercises and vocal health information.

VoiceLesson.com – Vocal coach, Mark Baxter’s excellent and informative site.

Voice-Teacher.com – New York voice teacher Badiene Magaziner’s website; a Seth Riggs associate.

Your Voice Coach – Presentation, public speaking, voice coaching and vocal training taught by Doug Anderson.

Learn Guitar – Guitar Tricks is 45 guitar instructors with over 2500 online guitar lessons in one massive site.

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