Lessons I’ve Learned From The Mistakes Of My Clients

Mistakes Singers Make

1. Hookah: don’t smoke yourself out the night before a show
2. Edibles: if you’re going to get stoned (not that I’m recommending it) don’t smoke it; eat it.
3. Scream: no screaming fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend/manager. Same for going to a sporting event and cheering.
4. Phone: a show day isn’t a good time to be having lots of phone conversations in loud rooms or noisy cars
5. Friends: don’t let your very excited friends wind you up with their adrenaline in your dressing room
6. Heels: don’t put on your super high heels until after the stylist is done with your hair unless you don’t mind kneeling (the artist was wearing a huge dress she couldn’t sit down in)
7. In-ears: check out your monitor mix during sound check with both in-ear monitors in your ears so you don’t have to pull them out during the show
8. Falls: rehearse your transitions between songs so you know where the edges of the stage are and everything on it
9. Digestion: if you have acid reflux, take your meds and don’t eat crap
10. Pace Yourself: don’t blow out your voice the first week of a six week tour
11. Feedback: don’t piss off the sound person
12. Scales: do your vocal warmups. You never know what funny exercises you might use in your next film