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Lip-syncing: An Unnecessary Evil

There has been a lot of press about the fact that artists lip-synched at the BET Awards show. The fans are disappointed and other artists are disapproving. So am I. read more

Five Touring Tips

BeyoncĂ© just announced she’s doing a world tour. Miguel just returned from one. Some singers tour the country in a van and some fly from city to city; however you travel, touring is essential to a successful music career. But how do you keep your voice in shape during a tour? read more

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Advice for ‘The Voice’ Auditions

I was the vocal coach for two singers who were on a recent season of The Voice and several others from prior seasons. After watching them go through the audition process I have some thoughts about how to survive and endure. read more

Category: The Performance

Why Do Singers Take Out Their Earpieces?

Why do singers wear earpieces and why do they sometimes pull them out? read more

Category: The Performance

Charisma, The Sequel

If you read part one of this series, The Charisma Factor, you know that charisma involves being comfortable inside of your personality in front of an audience. Your songs, your voice, your relationship with the band and your relationship with the audience should reflect your point of view, your concept. read more

Category: The Performance