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Lip-syncing: An Unnecessary Evil

There has been a lot of press about the fact that artists lip-synched at the BET Awards show. The fans are disappointed and other artists are disapproving. So am I. read more

Five Touring Tips

BeyoncĂ© just announced she’s doing a world tour. Miguel just returned from one. Some singers tour the country in a van and some fly from city to city; however you travel, touring is essential to a successful music career. But how do you keep your voice in shape during a tour? read more

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The Charisma Factor

Whether you are trying to get signed to a record label or are creating a career for yourself independently, you need great songs and a great voice but there is another more elusive element, sometimes called charisma. read more

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Advice for ‘The Voice’ Auditions

I was the vocal coach for two singers who were on a recent season of The Voice and several others from prior seasons. After watching them go through the audition process I have some thoughts about how to survive and endure. read more

Category: The Performance

Why Do Singers Take Out Their Earpieces?

Why do singers wear earpieces and why do they sometimes pull them out? read more

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