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By Lis Lewis I'm excited and so thankful to Music Connection and Dan Kimpel for including me in this interview with Miguel. I've had many great experiences working with Miguel and I want to thank him for such high praise. I've been called a lot of things, but it's not often I get the title of 'The Shit'. Read the interview below to find out how Miguel warms up his voice and how he prepares to perform on Saturday Night Live, Madison Square Garden, the BET Awards, The Grammy's and just about everywhere else. Read the full interview with Miguel from Music Connection Magazine here: Miguel: Soul Ascending

Category: Songs & Your Voice, The Singers Handbook

There has been a lot of press about the fact that artists lip-synched at the BET Awards show. The fans are disappointed and other artists are disapproving. So am I. read more

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I’m so grateful to CBS Los Angeles for naming The Singers Workshop ‘Best Voice Lessons’ in Los Angeles. It’s been my pleasure to provide voice lessons and vocal training to incredibly talented artists for over 30 years. read more

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I don’t like to say ‘no’. I just cleared my entire calendar for the whole week in order to get on a flight that just landed (12:00 AM EST). I’m here in New York City to work with Miguel for his performance this weekend on SNL. I didn’t actually know I was going until just three days ago. read more

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I watched this year’s Grammy Awards twice through, if you can believe it – all three and a half hours of it. Here are my favorite moments. read more

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